Welcome to Fused Glass Art by Boné ~

home of fused glass with an attitude!

Daisy with Ladybugs Table ClockMy fused glass items are formed from glass made in the USA- usually from Bullseye glass manufactured in Portland, Oregon.


The clock mechanisms (Made in the USA) are quartz requiring 1 AA battery. The clocks are either wall mount or table top, or both, in some cases. Several clocks are “pot melt”-colorful combinations of dripped and puddled melted glass.


Jewelry can also be “pot melt”, and can be wrapped in copper wire. I use a small torch to bend stringer and rod glass.


The bottles are first flattened in the kiln, then painted, and  then re-fired in the kiln to fuse the paint permanently to the glass. All of my glasswork is washable and safe for serving food (except the clocks).


Fused Glass Art - Petals, Poppy and DragonflyThe glass beaded knives are positioned with double-backed 3M tape, and are easily removed for serving, or can remain attached when using the bottle as a wall decoration.


Fused glass is also referred to as “kiln formed” glass. I incorporate as much color into my glass creations as possible. I have derived my passion for intense color primarily from the art of Haiti and the Bahamas.


I try to make my glass creations not only colorful, but useful in the every day household.